4 Amazing Spring Trends You Will Want In Your Home

Just like you switch between your winter and spring wardrobe, it is time for your home to shed its wintery greys and step into the more pleasant world of spring. And to help you with this changeover, we take a sneak peak at the decorating trends that are presently topping the charts across Australia.

Modern Bohemian

The released spirit of bohemian and the fascination of Spring do feel like a perfect combo, with the replenished landscape outside completing your creative ability perfectly!

Few styles allow you to combine comfort, vintage finds, antique pieces, modern décor and cherished accessories like bohemian. The popular delusion about bohemian is that it encourages chaos and clutter, but that is far from the truth. Bohemian is basically ‘being you’ shows your true style, passion and ability to mold the world around you in your image.

Vivacious Floral Patterns

As spring rolls in, you simply cannot get away from florals, and 2016 seems to be a great year for ‘flowerscandinavian-style-living-room-with-floral-print-couch
power’, as floral prints are ruling both the worlds of fashion and interior design. In fact, designers are drawing inspiration from the ramp as they roll out accent pillows, rugs, chairs and even gorgeous sofas draped in floral print. Of course, not everyone is going to commit to a bright and bold couch in blue covered in colorful flowers, but a cool rug or even drapes with a floral print do not seem like too much of a commitment. Mixing various patterns and prints is another cool and hip decorating idea that you can try out with the floral prints.

Artwork That Makes a Statement

You can modestly judge someone by just looking in their home, and the artwork that they choose reveals even georgies-girl2more about that person. Spring 2016 is the time for stunning art pieces that make a bold announcement. Often, this comes in the form of oversized art that steal the spotlight in any room they decorate. If you wish to add color to the living room, dining space or bedroom this spring but wish to do so without disturbing the existing color scheme or décor, then a large, tasteful artwork is all you need.

Never-ending Metallic Glitter

Metallic accents and mixed metals have been turning heads for quite some time now, and this love for metallic-accessories-for-the-homeall things metal is only set to escalate in the coming few months. Even those who generally shy away from trends can grasp this hint of bling without going overboard. Whether it is pendants in copper or bronze, bathroom and kitchen fittings with a golden glint or even a simple bedside lamp or chandelier with warm metallic allure, you do not need a whole lot to make a huge impression. In fact, think of these blingy metallic collections as the finishing touches to your contemporary home that elevate its glamorous qualities.