9 Awesome Additions for your Reno

Building is a big deal but we often see people spend a lot of time trying to find sensible savings when renovating. Here are some of our favourite upgrades you may want to consider for your next project.

A “wow” front door

A good first impression = Big front door.  Large oversized doors make an immediate impression and the bigger the better! If you want a look that truly puts your home on the map, go for special finishes such as high gloss paint, applied metallic finishes or timber and of course glass which can incorporate high gloss and metallic finishes.

Ceiling details

An under-utilised elements of any home is the ceiling. However with a little thought, ceilings can add, interest, definition to a space and character. A relatively simple way to do this is to choose a contrasting material to add texture, or add colour and pattern with a contrasting paint colour or wallpaper.

Frameless showers

Our sister company Voodoo Glass are experts in frameless shower screens.  It is the ultimate expression of minimalism and gives a clean and uncluttered look to your bathroom. It might be the perfect finishing touch to your new bathroom scheme.

Designer lighting

Well-considered lighting can make a huge difference to the home, and the good news is that big is often better. Consider the qualities of each light as a sculptural piece aesthetically, as well as the potential it has to create a unique atmosphere during the night.

Wine cellars

Wine cellars were once the cold leftover space under the stairs or below the house. But while these areas can be great for storing wine, there is a growing appreciation for wine cellars that don’t just store wine, but also display it. This is where glass becomes a factor. Internal spaces are best for cellars.

Built-in joinery

There is nothing more practical or luxurious as built-in joinery. It has the potential to add personality, character, and practicality to a space. One of our favourites are integrated bookshelves that create a warm library feel. Joinery is a wonderful option to hide technology also, so you can appreciate a lovely piece of built-in furniture instead of yet another screen.

Freestanding bath

Baths can add a beautiful sculptural piece to any bathroom. Luxe bathroom additions that aren’t as far-fetched as you might think. What an awesome way to soak away your hard earned day!

Fire pit

The only thing better than building a good fire pit is gathering around it on a crisp autumn evening with loved ones with a decent stick and a bag of marshmallows.

You’ll need to locate the fire on a surface that isn’t sensitive to sparks and hot coals. River pebbles are a great option for their natural colour and texture as well as their unique ability to hide scars and burns from fires. If you have the space available, you may also like to consider built-in seating around the fire, however my personal preference is to allow for a more flexible seating arrangement that might include outdoor chairs, wood stumps and, of course, eskies.


Wallpaper is awesome! There are so many interesting designs to choose from and it’s a wonderful way to make a freshly-renovated room sing from the rafters.

Consider the key pieces of furniture you will be using in the room and draw inspiration from them to either match or contrast colour and texture.