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Five Refreshing Living Room Updates to Try This Summer

The temperature is rising and summer is well and truly on its way! That means now is the perfect time to update your home so you can embrace a summery look that will make you feel as if you are on holidays. Have a go with these simple ideas.

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The practical and visually punchy spaces below showcase some of the many ways you can incorporate LEDs into your interior and exterior scheme. Take a look and see which of these bright ideas suit your space and decorating style.

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THE ISMS OF ART – A Brief History

Works of art can bring a lot of things to a space: depth, history, colour, texture, personality, interest and focal points. The list goes on. But the style of that artwork can create a very different look and feel in a room. Every period in history gives birth to a new style of art that is reflective of the culture at that time. From Impressionism to contemporary art, each style has its own meaning and characteristics that helps us understand more about the era from which it was born.

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5 Quick Fixes to Get You Home Ready for Summer

Can you feel it? Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get your home prepared and primed for the season ahead. For some of us, that might mean doing something as small as cleaning up your space, or for others incorporating a beach theme into your décor or breaking out your poolside accessories.

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Rounding out this years VIP season of events, our Spring 2016 Collection was launched last month with an evening of indulgence. A chorus line of hand crafted canapés complimented a lavish buffet of boutique wine, as guests immersed themselves in an enchanted world where creativity rules supreme, embodied by the unrivalled beauty of glass.

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From the Studio – Blue Abstract

This Coastal inspired piece of abstract glass art is this months latest addition to the gallery. With such an overwhelming response to its dynamic and undeniable presence, this bespoke creation has inspired our artists to continue exploring this uninhibited approach to colour and form.

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Our Favourite Piece From The Studio This Month

This month we have been working hard to replenish the gallery after the sale of a number of key pieces have left the walls looking rather baron.

One of our favourite new additions to the gallery is a continuation of our obsession with with “zentangle”,

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Our Clients Inspire Us

The Gold Coast Landscape Designer Reviving The Urban Environment

When Bio Scapes first got to work on its latest project at Teneriffe, tackling the terrain appeared to be a tall order.

Director Noel Brown and his team were up against a steep cliff face, quite literally, during the 4-month construct of the Teneriffe home, resulting in limited access and budget strains.

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4 Amazing Spring Trends You Will Want In Your Home

Just like you switch between your winter and spring wardrobe, it is time for your home to shed its wintery greys and step into the more pleasant world of spring. And to help you with this changeover, we take a sneak peak at the decorating trends that are presently topping the charts across Australia.

Modern Bohemian

The released spirit of bohemian and the fascination of Spring do feel like a perfect combo, with the replenished landscape outside completing your creative ability perfectly!

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Barrier Reef Painting on Glass - Glass Xpressions Gold Coast

Easily Get the Aussie Beach House Look – 7 Breezy Updates

Custom Painted Glass Bar Front by Glass Xpressions

CLIENTS STORY – Custom made Barfront + Wall Art

This unique set of hand painted artwork has been adapted to suit two very different glass applications. The first being a backlit kitchen island front, with LED strip lighting which surrounds the perimeter of a shallow cavity behind the glass. The second is undeniably a statement piece, at 2.2 meters high, this piece of wall art consists of 3 glass panels with a combined width of 2.7 meters.

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Hand painted glass art - Art Gallery Gold Coast - Glass Xpressions

From the Studio New Series – Sea Myth

Our new addition to the gallery this month is the first piece from “Sea Myth” our new coastal inspired collection. Influenced heavily by the organic shapes of the ocean especially what lies beneath its glistening surface.

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Glass Xpressions Blog - Glass Art Gold Coast

Flourishes of Fish – Decorating with Aquatics

Whether you live close to the ocean or in the suburbs, fish-inspired decorative flourishes add a fun element to cool, laid-back colour scheme. The aquatic concept can appear in different forms – fish forms can be found on artworks or as sculptures, while also appearing as motifs on ceramics and wall coverings. So, if you’re hooked on fishy home decor, reel in all your aquatic fantasies and draw a few ideas from these under-the-sea examples.

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"John" by Lisa de Boer - Glass Xpressions - Art Gallery Gold Coast

From the Studio – New Techniques

Our new addition to the gallery this month is a bold yet intricately detailed piece. Inspired by the “Pop Art” movement with its electric colour pallet and minimalist appearance, reveals a far more delicate and complex aesthetic upon closer inspection.

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Glass Xpressions Blog - Glass Art Gold Coast

Who decides on colour trends for the year?

But who decides which shades will be in vogue, and how do they come to their conclusions? Should we trust these forecasts, or simply choose what we feel is right for us instead? Read on to discover the thinking and research behind the colours of the year – then decide whether these shades are right for your home.

Already announced for 2016 are ‘Cherished Gold’, ‘Rose Quartz’, ‘Serenity’ blue and shades of off-white, as well as nuances of blue, green and grey.

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Silver Leaf Circle glass Art - Glass Xpressions Gold Coast

From the Studio – Silver Leaf Disc

Our new addition to the Gallery this month is this striking abstract disc. This organic patterned designed piece is slumped (moulded) in the kiln, then the area is meticulously sliver leafed.

The background is air brushed with a combination of pale aqua tones and white, making it the perfect statement piece that will integrate easily into any living space.

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Glass Xpressions Blog - Art Gallery Gold Coast

Make your Kitchen the Life of the Party

Do you want your kitchen to be the go-to area of your home and more than just a place to cook and eat? Here are the main key elements for creating a responsive, inviting space where guest, family and friends will love to congregate and spend time.

Add a WOW factor element
A great focal point in the kitchen can be a great piece of artwork. Why not combine a great piece of art and your kitchen splashback together in one. The possibilities are endless!

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Outdoor Glass Art - Set of glass discs - Glass Xpressions Gold Coast

Art for the Outdoors

Why keep your passion for art indoors?… When you could have your very own open air gallery!

This is what one of our favourite clients has been able to achieve by commissioning a collection of custom made glass art pieces for the exterior of her home.

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Glass Art in the office - Glass Xpressions Gold Coast

Inspiring Home Office Ideas

Maintaining a work-life balance at home can be a challenge, especially with the domestic distractions and comforts so accessible.

In an ideal world, a home office would be an oasis of Zen in a spacious, uncluttered environment. A space that promotes focus while at the same time stimulating creativity. Be inspired by these dreamy work spaces that have managed to achieve that balance, and maybe you can even steal some styling for your own space.

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Glass Wine Cellars Gold Coast

9 Awesome Additions for your Reno

Building is a big deal but we often see people spend a lot of time trying to find sensible savings when renovating. Here are some of our favourite upgrades you may want to consider for your next project.

A “wow” front door

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From the Studio | Don’t Arm Animals

This striking abstract Glass disc is this months feature piece in the gallery. These patterns were made by slumping the glass in the kiln over a hand made pattern as well as incorporating hand painted and airbrushed elements.

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Glass Clock by Glass Xpressions for Freestylr Tattoo - Gold Coast

Client Story | Bespoke Art

For the last two months our artists here at Glass Xpressions have been hard at work creating 3 x large scale artworks for a private collector, each with their own unique style and approach.

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Glass Clock by Glass Xpressions for Freestylr Tattoo - Gold Coast

Freestylr Tattoo Studio | Steam Punk Clock

Freestylr studios are state-of-the-art places of tattooing pleasure, situated in easy-to-reach first-class shopping destinations. These studios were designed specifically to embrace the client and nurture the artists.

Inspired by victorian architectural features and fused with gothic modernism, Freestylr studios commissioned Glass Xpressions to create a clock reflecting this style.

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Splat Glass Art - Glass Xpressions Gold Coast

Contemporary Glass Wall Art

This piece of contemporary glass wall art is the latest addition to our collection here at the Glass Xpressions Glass Art Gallery + Studio.

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Steampunk Glass Clock - Glass Xpressions Art Gallery Gold Coast

From the Studio – Steampunk Clock

Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realised as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics. 

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Custom Painted Glass Art Gold Coast

Client Story: Concept to Installation

Our artists have had a big month this May, with many pieces commissioned for private collections the studio has been teeming with creativity. We would like to showcase two of these pieces in particular that have recently been installed at their new home in Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

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Glass Art


On occasions, we like to inform our clients of the exciting work and Glass Art practices taking place here in Australia and around the globe. Whether it be Artists, Architecture, or Home Decor, there is a whole world of glass to explore..

Today we would like to introduce you to Glass Artist Yusuke Takemura.

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From Design to Install

Here is an sample of the design to installation process for a contemporary Glass Art venture for a client in Sanctuary Cove QLD.

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A Women’s heART Expo

“A Woman’s HeART” for the Women’s Health & Wellbeing Expo Gold Coast, was held at Robina Community Library & Gallery during May 2014.

Congratulations to Lisa who won the peoples choice award for 3D work.