Client Story | Bespoke Art

For the last two months our artists here at Glass Xpressions have been hard at work creating 3 x large scale artworks for a private collector, each with their own unique style and approach.

Our clients wanted to create a cohesive atmosphere that added drama whilst still complementing their existing furnishings. One of the ways we were able to achieve this was through an exaggerated use of scale, when large detailed artwork like these pieces, take up such a big slice of real estate on a blank wall, the room transforms into a space that you can’t help but be drawn to.

In our opinion when it comes to art, the most dramatic impact always comes from a singular, large-scale piece. Splurging on one painted canvas (or a Custom piece of Glass Art!!) rather than several smaller pieces can give an entire room a sense of drama and colour.

The “Power of Colour” also played a vital role in achieving our clients wish for cohesion and drama – Colour is the most powerful tool when it comes to interior decorating and can make a space come alive. It impacts on our wellbeing, behaviour and health.
Needless to say our works are very colourful here at Glass Xpressions, and now our clients walls are too.

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