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The Gold Coast Landscape Designer Reviving The Urban Environment

When Bio Scapes first got to work on its latest project at Teneriffe, tackling the terrain appeared to be a tall order.

Director Noel Brown and his team were up against a steep cliff face, quite literally, during the 4-month construct of the Teneriffe home, resulting in limited access and budget strains.

Even though the elements may not have been in their favour, the Bio Scapes team delivered a stunning renovation which made ingenuous use of the tricky landscape by adding a unique pool and viewing deck area.

As a result, the project earned the 2016 Brisbane Master Builders Housing & Construction Outdoor Living Award, in addition to Landscape Queensland’s best Residential award.

Noel says the Teneriffe project has become one of the crowning jewels in the Bio Scapes portfolio, generating interest from potential clients and suppliers alike.

“This has definitely been a highlight in the Bio Scapes history,” says Noel.
“In a lot of ways we were also fortunate enough to have the right clients who allowed a lot of free license, they were happy to work with us every step of the way.”

A façade feature stands 8 metres tall between the pool and the viewing deck, made from Modwood decking and unique quarried stone which was cut and crafted on site.