CLIENTS STORY – Custom made Barfront + Wall Art

This unique set of hand painted artwork has been adapted to suit two very different glass applications. The first being a backlit kitchen island front, with LED strip lighting which surrounds the perimeter of a shallow cavity behind the glass. The second is undeniably a statement piece, at 2.2 meters high, this piece of wall art consists of 3 glass panels with a combined width of 2.7 meters.

Inspired by our clients love for this colour palette,

creating this large scale piece required us to take an alternative and far more calculated approach due to its shear size and multi-panel formation. As a result the development of a completely unique method of paint application occurred, allowing us greater control when executing artwork of this style + scale.

complementing both the existing decor and colour schemes, these pieces are a dynamic and inspiring addition to an already exceptional luxury home.

Large Scale Glass Art by Lisa de Boer