Who decides on colour trends for the year?

But who decides which shades will be in vogue, and how do they come to their conclusions? Should we trust these forecasts, or simply choose what we feel is right for us instead? Read on to discover the thinking and research behind the colours of the year – then decide whether these shades are right for your home.

Already announced for 2016 are ‘Cherished Gold’, ‘Rose Quartz’, ‘Serenity’ blue and shades of off-white, as well as nuances of blue, green and grey.

The influence of Pantone and Dulux
Several companies announce general colour trends and the colours of the year. The main ones are the Pantone Color Institute, AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center (Dulux), and four or five prominent style agencies. In addition, several of the largest paint producers also choose their main colours of the year.

Dulux and AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center release a research paper every year titled Colour Futures, which forecasts colour trends for the next 12 months. This research brings together a group of international experts and trend setters from across the world and from various developments of design.

Charlotte Cosby, head of creative at British paint and wallpaper company Farrow & Ball, says, “Our paint colours are chosen from the best of the past. We don’t follow trends, but use different combinations of our colours to create both traditional and contemporary schemes.” When creating key looks for the year, “we reference external sources, such as colour trend books, as well as looking at the current trends in the design world. We also take into account what’s popular in our showrooms and gather insight from our colour experts,” she says.

Will you be redecorating at home to incorporate these on-trend colours this year? Let us know how we can help you.