Flourishes of Fish – Decorating with Aquatics

Whether you live close to the ocean or in the suburbs, fish-inspired decorative flourishes add a fun element to cool, laid-back colour scheme. The aquatic concept can appear in different forms – fish forms can be found on artworks or as sculptures, while also appearing as motifs on ceramics and wall coverings. So, if you’re hooked on fishy home decor, reel in all your aquatic fantasies and draw a few ideas from these under-the-sea examples.

stingrays_outdoorThe Outdoor Dining
Introducing a large ocean-inspired artwork can bring serenity to the outdoor dining area. Drawing inspiration from a large work of art is a handy device when decorating. Contact us for all your outdoor wall art and other exterior wall decor, for the added touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.



doors_fishLarge Doors
Larger than life. Sometimes bigger is better! These doors sums up our tastes – daring, creative and quirky! To add a bespoke work such as this, it’s worth getting advice from us to see if this could work in your space.

While this bespoke work is larger than life, a similar concept can be more understated – smaller fish added to an outdoor brick wall, or an abstract work in the garden, can be equally as striking.