On occasions, we like to inform our clients of the exciting work and Glass Art practices taking place here in Australia and around the globe. Whether it be Artists, Architecture, or Home Decor, there is a whole world of glass to explore..

Today we would like to introduce you to Glass Artist Yusuke Takemura.

3472054_origYusuke is a Japanese born Artist who currently works and lives in Australia. Yusuke possesses a unique skill of being able to carve into his fragile blown glass structures, creating cut outs that allow light through the vessel and thus creating reflections of the forms under light.

The glass is finely ground and highly polished to create a strong delineation between the edge of the glass and the body of the form. His work references the fragility of nature, history of form and the way light transmits through the organic sculptures.

“The presence of clear glass 1454768_origrepresents the remains from the past and the emergence of new beginnings. These significant events are defined by the forms structure and the meticulously cut holes. These elements create an optical illusion, as the glass appears to intertwine and twist in on itself from afar. This symbolises how we disregard history, even though it is clear that the world is undergoing environmental changes.”

For more information on Yusuke Takemura’s glass art pieces, visit his website

Photos courtesy of Yusuke Takemura, Glass Artist.