Glass Sculpture Art Gallery

Glass Sculptures by Artist & Designer Lisa de Boer

Custom Glass Sculpture

Artist Statement

I love the thought of melting glass and being able to manipulate it using a kiln instead of a blow pipe. The art of glass sculpture is always a challenge. I often spend weeks writing notes and engineering how the pieces will stand or sit as well as hat material will suit to support them.

Themed ideas, like the floating “Chanterelle” series came about after watching the movie “Avatar”. I dreamt of floating glass sculptures, that became part of themed gardens. The floating mushrooms (Chanterelle being a poisonous mushroom) became a challenge that I could not let go of. Until I mastered them, they became a continuous part of my dreams.

I had farmers cutting their burls from trees they had felled to create the earthy bases from which they grow. Stainless coiled stands on rock bases suited some but not others.

Everything from Copper to iron, and glass itself. Appealing to various decor, 30 pieces were made for our “WHAT CHARTER BOAT” exhibition.

The biggest challenge was to use recycled glass that would have otherwise been discarded.  Testing the glass endlessly for compatibility, With a guaranteed 50% success rate. Although each piece is different in its own right, people tend to have a love/hate relationship with them.

3 pieces remain, and can be viewed in person at our gallery.

These are non-commissioned pieces, created by artist & designer Lisa de Boer themed for her own selfish artist pleasures!

Visit our Glass Art Gallery in person to experience the beauty of these pieces for yourself.