Glass Wall Art, Australia

Gold Coast Art Gallery + Studio

Custom made Glass Wall Art Gallery

Glass Xpressions Art Gallery + Studio offer a diverse and exciting gallery space with a strong focus on the latest in contemporary Glass Wall art available for purchase. Our vision is to educate our clients and the broader public on the limitless potential of contemporary art glass here in Australia. Aside from our beautiful Gallery space, we also offer a completely custom made art service, in which case our talented team of artists are able to interpret your vision based on any inspirational material you may have as well as the pieces you are drawn to when visiting the gallery. Our extensive knowledge of glass and innovative design process ensure the resulting art piece will exceed any and all expectations.

Glass Art comes in a variety of forms, commonly associated with smaller sculptural pieces, our specialty here at Glass Xpressions being larger pieces of Glass Wall Art perfectly suited to areas where high impact is required

Contemporary Glass Wall Art becomes such an exciting prospect once you’ve realised just how versatile it can be. Visiting our Glass Art Gallery here on the Gold Coast it will quickly become apparent that the options are indeed endless. We cater to all styles, as our glass artists’ pride themselves on their ability to interpret your ideas and concepts through colour, shape and form with stunning results. Regardless of subject matter or style, the team at Glass Xpressions never shies away from a challenge, determined to deliver a beautiful piece of Glass Art you can be proud of.

Make an appointment to visit our Glass Art Gallery, and meet with our team of talented artists and designers for a complimentary consultation, take this opportunity to make a statement by commissioning a piece of bespoke glass art that is sure to impress…