The practical and visually punchy spaces below showcase some of the many ways you can incorporate LEDs into your interior and exterior scheme. Take a look and see which of these bright ideas suit your space and decorating style.

Back-lit brilliance
Want to make a fearless design statement in your home? Consider merging an LED back-lit art piece into your space. Thanks to its unique finish, mesmerising design and radiant yellow hue, the art adds an injection of vivid colour and visual drama to the otherwise restrained bland wall – an effect that is amplified by the LED lights that lie behind and illuminate the surface.




Night light
Why choose an ordinary bedhead when you can opt for one that makes a bold design statement and doubles as a night light? When designing your illuminated bedhead, select LED lighting with a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness and mood of the space.















Colourful corridor

If your hallway is looking a little blah but you’re not too keen on cluttering the walls with art, photos and other wall accents, or covering it in patterned wallpaper or coloured paint, consider beautifying and brightening up the thoroughfare with an LED light installation. This cool corridor shows this high-energy design trick in action – it’s a great solution for those who prefer their walls free of embellishments but desire a scheme that’s colourful and packs a visual punch.






Kerb appeal

Now here’s a home that will never fail to stop passers-by in their tracks. Here, strip lights line the base of each of the large tread steps that lead up to the front door. Notice how they immediately attract the eye and draw the line of sight up from the footpath to the front door, resulting in an entry that oozes street appeal and an inviting vibe. Practical, too, the strip lights also ensure that each step is clearly visible so visitors can scale the stairs safely after dark.




Form and function

In this head-turning bathroom, LED lights are used to enhance the look, mood, functionality of the space. Two LED strips that line the lower section of the glass vanity draw the eye into the custom slumped design. The lights also provide practical lighting and ensure the vanity is well-lit elevating the look and the mood of the bath zone, while doubling as nifty night light too!





Bright display

A great accent lighting option, LED strips or tape will elevate the look of any open shelving display, as you can see looking at this contemporary living space. Here, LED lights highlight each of the cubby holes in the recessed display unit and help transform the two storage nooks into attention-grabbing architectural appearance. The LED accent lights also allow the owners to show off their cherished collectibles, photos and other items that deserve to be in the limelight in style.









Arresting accent

A clever way to incorporate LEDs into your interior or exterior scheme is to use the lights to highlight interesting architectural details such as ceiling treatments, staircases, recessed niches and accent walls, like the back-lit floating feature wall that’s the hero of this sophisticated living room…along with the artwork!