Inspiring Home Office Ideas

Maintaining a work-life balance at home can be a challenge, especially with the domestic distractions and comforts so accessible.

In an ideal world, a home office would be an oasis of Zen in a spacious, uncluttered environment. A space that promotes focus while at the same time stimulating creativity. Be inspired by these dreamy work spaces that have managed to achieve that balance, and maybe you can even steal some styling for your own space.

Make room for inspiration

For creative types, an office that doubles as a studio is an ideal space for working from home. The clean white walls and clear surfaces have the appeal of a blank canvas, while welcome pops of colour add some energy and stimulation to the pristine space.

Embrace the outdoors

Few outlooks are more calming for the mind than greenery, and a spot like this would be ideal for creating a retreat away from the hectic pace of domestic life while you focus on work. If you have a room with a view, claim a slice of the outdoors for your study by positioning your desk to make the most of it.

Move out…side

To really get away from the distractions of home, take your work outside to a customised office space in the garden. From shed conversions to purpose-built pods like this, the garden office, or ‘shoffice’ (shed + office), is experiencing a huge surge in popularity.

Set clear boundaries

Glass partitions can help to section off your work space, while creating the illusion of a wide, open area. To maintain the spacious appearance of a home office.

See the light

A desk facing a source of natural light is a refreshing alternative to working in a darkly-lit corner of the room.
A well-placed sofa also offers the option for guest seating, or simply to indulge in reading away from your desk.

Put the writing on the wall

If you’re not facing a window, why face a blank wall when you can turn it into a canvas to jot ideas on? Making use of an empty wall as a blackboard is both inspired and inspiring, especially if your work generates an abundance of thoughts that you need to visualise. Not to mention the way it makes an office look extra scholarly.

Big up your book collection

For book enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much more perfect than this well-lit office space, with a full library within easy reach. If it were my study, I might even put in a couch, or turn that bay window into a reading nook where I could while away the hours ‘researching’.

Make space for a break

Even when you’re working at home, you need some downtime away from the desk. Adding comfy seating to the office will give you space to take a break, without removing yourself completely from the working environment. A seat with a window view is ideal, so you can return to work refreshed but not distracted.