Make your Kitchen the Life of the Party

Do you want your kitchen to be the go-to area of your home and more than just a place to cook and eat? Here are the main key elements for creating a responsive, inviting space where guest, family and friends will love to congregate and spend time.

Add a WOW factor element
A great focal point in the kitchen can be a great piece of artwork. Why not combine a great piece of art and your kitchen splashback together in one. The possibilities are endless!

Keep it cosy
Normally, people are not keen on hanging out in stark rooms. If your kitchen feels comfortable, it will draw people to it and make everyone in it feel at relaxed and at ease.

Include a casual seating area
Once people flop onto a comfy sofa in your kitchen, they will not be in a hurry to leave! Whether it’s in your main living space or part of an extra seating area, a sofa creates a welcoming feel and you don’t need a huge kitchen to fit one in.

Combine kitchen and dining areas
If your dining area is in your kitchen, it’s more likely to feel like the central point of your home, especially when you’re entertaining. You might be surprised at how many guests you can accommodate, even in a relatively tiny space.

Build in a hang-out bar
If you don’t have space for a dining table in your kitchen, you can still create a spot where family and guests can sit and chat to you while you prepare a meal.

A breakfast bar at the end of an island or kitchen bench unit is the ideal solution. The overhanging lip of this benchtop provides a comfortable place for people to tuck their knees in as they sit, and the bar stools can be neatly pushed under and out of the way when not in use.

Make it a room with a view
When you’re planning your kitchen, think precisely about the view you’ll have when working and eating in it – an enticing one will make it much more engaging.

Go for an island combo
If you have young children who are out of highchairs but not yet tall enough to climb and sit safely on a bar stool, consider lowering one end of your island unit to create an informal seating area that little ones and their friends can sit around comfortably.

Open on to the garden
If your kitchen opens directly on to your outdoor living space, it will feel like the centre of your home, especially in summer.