Prep for a more Productive New Year – The Home Office Detox –

Just as a New Year detox can help shake off the Christmas over-eating, so the same can be said for our interiors. If you work from home, February is the ideal month to rethink your office space and make it as efficient, relaxed and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Great storage, clutter-free surfaces and a pop of personality are all key tips to ensure 2017 is a super-successful and productive year.

1. Buy a new chair
Make sure your place of work is as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of your dwelling by splashing out on something as simple as a brand-new chair. With your surroundings looking peachy keen, your productivity levels are set to sky rocket.

2. Colour-coordinate your stuff
Whatever office size you work from, it’s easy to get organised with today’s line-up of smart boxes and files. For the truly organised among us, try a colour-coordinated approach to your paperwork and you’ll never end up hunting for that important invoice, ledger or document ever again.

3. Paint it white
A quick application of white paint will freshen up a tired home office in minutes. Paint the ceiling and walls in a heavy-duty, bright white paint and install good task and ambient lighting to work by. Clutter-free surfaces, a mirror and minimal furnishings will help spread the feel-good factor.

4. Add a jolt of colour
Revamp your home office for the New Year with a pop of primary colour. There’s nothing like an invigorating blast of red, yellow and blue to get your creative juices flowing and your mindset rebooted.

5. Bring in personality
Giving your home office a New Year detox doesn’t mean an automatic personality ban. In fact, the sight of a wall of geometric patterned wallpaper, and metallic coloured accessories is likely to put a spring in your step as you arrive from your commute down the corridor each morning…

5. Create a zen-like calm
Strip back your office space to the bare essentials and create the calmest and coolest of working zones. With just a simple desk and chair – and really not a lot else – this clean-lined loft exudes a peaceful ambience for productive working.