From the Studio – Blue Abstract

This Coastal inspired piece of abstract glass art is this months latest addition to the gallery. With such an overwhelming response to its dynamic and undeniable presence, this bespoke creation has inspired our artists to continue exploring this uninhibited approach to colour and form.

Meanwhile we have been astounded by the avalanche of praise it has received whilst waiting patiently to take its rightful place adorning one of the gallery walls. Here in the studio we have become quite attached to its vibrant colour palette and organic composition, perhaps that is why it has remained down here for so long. A desperate attempt to steal one more hypnotic glance before it’s gone.

This is the part art should play in all of our lives, it goes without saying that such a captivating piece is  the perfect addition to any living space. Seamlessly integrating with its surroundings yet commanding the adoration it deserves.

We hope to see you at the gallery before we part ways with this beautiful creation.